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1 Dial-up Account. (8,000+ Local Access Numbers)    
2 Email Accounts. POP3 and web based access.    
Industry leading Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam technology!    
No PORT 25 email blocking!**    
5MB of personal web space. (available upon request)    
No Pop-ups or Banner Ads!    
Free Online Tech SUpport is available! ***    
Windows compatible since Windows 3.11 for WorkGroups and above!    
Macintosh Compatible since Mac OS 8 and above!    
Linux and Unix flavor compatible!    
V.90/V.92 Compatible!
Take the best advanage of our speed with a 56k V.92 Compatible modem.
Live phone support is available for $5.00 per incident. This fee is waived for new signups.    
HiSPEED DialUp (Up to 6X FASTER!)
No special hardware or changes needed to your existing phone lines.
**We do not prevent you from accessing your other SMTP email servers.
***We offer free tech support via email to our or our Contact Us page.
All accounts are subject to our Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy.
How do you cancel your old account! We have a list of hard to find numbers to help you with canceling your old account. Click here to go to our FAQ page where these numbers are listed.
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